Gunung Stong 9-13 June 2008 I

15 06 2008

Had a great trip! Read more about Gunung Stong here.

I took away much from it and would definitely love to go on another trekking trip when the next opportunity arises. Great people (the guys and girls who helped me alot along the way), great guides (Quirky-and-passionate Yo and dashing-good-looks Chek), great scenery! I love the waterfalls and the scenery from the base camp. This time pictures will be up.. too nice not to be put up. Just gonna take some time to sort them out.

I seriously thought I couldn’t make it.. steep and slippery (it rained every day we were there!) slopes and rock surfaces.. but the guys were real encouraging and helpful. Every time I finished climbing up a steep slope, I’d wonder how to make it down.. I suppose this expanded my mental boundaries of what can be done. And waterfall abseiling was the best part, fell twice, entertained the thought of sliding down (instead of abseiling) but I did continue in the end! It feels great to have attempted something new!

I miss Yo’s Wonderful Tonight. Not the best singing voice, not the best guitar skills, but the sincerity and humour was enough to win us over.

Now that I’m back and gonna start work in a week’s time, I’m gonna have to find a new rhythm and new pace. It’d almost certainly not be possible to live as simply as we all did up at Stong, but it’s certainly possible to live with great passion for what I believe in, and with a renewed mindset that if I put my heart to do anything, I can achieve it… with tenacity.. and of course, supportive people!

And I saw with my own eyes that we really don’t need a lot to be happy.. we need to do what we believe in, be good at it and just keep going! Really happy to be armed with a renewed understanding and appreciation for myself, for others and of course, nature – God’s wonderful creation!

Now that I’ve climbed up a mountain, I wanna dive deep into the sea! Diving trip up next.. if not this August then this time next year! šŸ™‚

“Play life like you’d play music.” – Yo




2 responses

16 06 2008

šŸ˜› nice to be out in the wilderness huh babe! I love being touched by nature and it’s mythical beauty. I am in the Alpes now (Mont Blanc) in France! I feel the exact same way.

Add me to your list of wanna be divers šŸ˜›

Kisses and love,

18 06 2008

Hello Ju!!

Yes it’s nice to be out in the wilderness… somehow i feel a mixture of fear and respect for it. but it’s a great feeling.

eh diving with you? (do i need to attend underwater chaos management course first?) LOL.

see you soon! we’ll see if we’ve the opportunity to dive together! Come back to SG! Love you.

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