A newbie msw’s creed

26 06 2008

1. Speak well of people – challenging but I must learn to do that because the tongue has the power of life and death! I want to build people up with my words.. Ps Phil once asked “if your words form the world, what would the world look like?” I must learn to be a critical thinker without being harsh. Must constantly keep myself in check!! Think strengths perspective.

2. Finish what I need to finish today – should be prompt but work never ends, so I should also draw a personal boundary.. work-life balance!

3. Don’t just use my brains! Empathize with my patients too! Policies are dead… but the patients I work with are alive, I need to consider their social circumstances and feelings! To quote what Sun said about the survivors of the Sichuan earthquake.. “They need it (help) and they deserve it”.

4. Keep the desire, dreams and visions alive! This is but the BEGINNING! Remember Voices! Social workers must be a voice!

5. I am here to stay!

It is kinda surreal to be a working adult.. must re-condition my mind to think like a working adult.. not a student on attachment. So far so good.. the learning curve is obviously steep for me, but that’s hardly surprising! Exciting journey ahead! Looking forward to decorating my work area with a picture of Yo and Chek (pictures of Stong coming up soon, so overdue!) .. and my creed.. and I shall write down my vision and paste it on my board (if i do have one) too! With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!

(Visited many parts of the hospital which I only saw before on TV.. the resuscitation area, the mortuary, the ICU, the ex-SARS ward… saw angry patients, sad patients, happy patients, a loving family of brothers who band together to take care of their father.. what a heart-warming sight)

I need You.. more and more.




3 responses

27 06 2008

jia u! 🙂

1 07 2008

jiayou ling! hahahah. (: sounds exciting. hehehe…..

2 07 2008

My sweetheart!!
I can hear your passionate voice all the way here in the Netherlands!
You inspire me to get my ass back home and get down and dirty with social work theories!

I cant believe that the graduation day is coming up so fast. And I’m not goin to be there throwing hats with ya. 😦
hahaha lucky for you… you will feel my chaotic spirit blowing ur grad cap into infinity… 😀

Miss you my darling! Remember what we said abt cute doctors!
Love you!!!!

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