5 07 2008

I always think balance is the key to life..

I’ve been trying to meet up with different ones.. and today, Jane and I attended Karen Cheng’s Doing the Karen Cheng event. It was kind of fun to meet her in real life, cos I’ve been following her blog for some time now.

And I’m also reading Losing My Virginity. Woohoo! Cool title huh, but it’s got nothing to do with sex.. it’s Richard Branson’s autobiography. Here’s a bit that inspired me:

“Some people say that my vision for Virgin breaks all the rules and is too wildly kaleidoscopic; others say that Virgin has become one of the leading brand names of the century; others analyse it down to the last degree and then write academic papers on it. As for me, I just pick up the phone and get on with it.”

The impression I get so far from reading the first 40 pages out of 573 pages is that Richard Branson is a highly, highly adventurous guy. I am inspired! 😀

Can’t wait to meet my favouritest friends this Thurs!!!




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