The onslaught of the workers’ syndrome

5 07 2008

Haha Jane calls OT “the onslaught of the workers’ syndrome. She thinks I have every potential to be a workaholic. Errr… I sort of agree. It’s in my blood.

I am loving my work. I get stalled alot along the way, due to inexperience mostly I guess. So yea, I’m slowly climbing up the steep learning curve.

Hospital work is very intense, very fast-paced, very exciting. I get to meet different types of people. So far so good. On reflection, I got everything that I prayed for – good sup, good colleagues, good learning environment. I can see and sense that God has been there every step of the way. It can’t be my cleverness or just by luck. Every time I pray, luck happens!

Of course, there have been many moments of fear, anxiety, uncertainty and stress.. but it’s ok. I’m becoming braver each day. Just get up and go again! My sup likes to ask me questions.. I’ll answer.. and he’ll go “and then?” UNTIL I get the correct answer. I really appreciate his supervision. And I don’t want to waste what people sow into my life. Because, every time we move on to the next breakthrough, it’s because someone brought us there. Someone bothered to sow their time and effort into our lives.

To paraphrase Dr Ngiam’s oak tree quote, here’s my version:

“Don’t worry if your work is ALOT and your stress is HIGH. The mighty oak was once a nut like you!”




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7 07 2008


Tagging u. Nice, wordy blog. I like. =)

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