Riding the sky

20 07 2008

I want to fly high above the clouds..

I want to live a life of constant love and trust in God..

Hmm it’s really more difficult to say that as a working adult.

I feel like my time is no longer in my hands.. unlike in Uni. Cos when there’re cases to clear, I just have to stay back. It’s like.. moment by moment at work, I know that God is there.. when I was yelled at by a doc, when I felt lost about what/how to do, when I meet hostile family members, when I meet stressed out family members.. when I thought I lost a patient’s payslip.. I know He is there. But to say that ‘i wanna be this’ or ‘i wannna do that’, it takes more.

BUT. I will bite the bullet and not take the easy way out. It’s too much of a history to walk away from. I reflected about the different significant things that happened in my life.. I don’t recall anything that I didn’t have to work hard for or anything that was easy.. (not that I live a very hard life, but it ain’t easy).. I WILL rise above the limitations!! This transition is indeed not easy.

There’s so much more to do! All the more we gotta have more energy, all the more we cannot be laid back!

Every day I live I know You are my God

I lift my face and look to You my Lord

Even when the mountains tremble and a thousand fall

I will stand with You

My Jesus take my all




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