2 08 2008

on second thought.. maybe it’s not grace that patients or their family extend to doctors.. it could be resignation.. i mean, if good docs give a poor prognosis, what else could the family possibly do? and inadvertently, msws become the ones whom the family ‘look to’ and inadvertently pour their frustrations to.. cos msws are supposedly ‘there to listen’ and with whom they have some relationship with.

still in transition. but having wonderful colleagues and sup certainly helped. my roomie’s really greeat! very very helpful despite her heavy workload. and on top of that, she’s doing a degree in SW! *respect respect!* the fellow newbies have been really supportive.. listening to my woes and just being very encouraging and fun! the sup.. he is a SUPERvisor! serious, scary, meticulous, challenging and wacky and fun all in one! so SUPER! and he goes for lunch with the cons! (not conmen but consultants!) one day i’ll have lunch with cons too! hahahah. fellow supees are great fun! lots of laughter and support. one common thing among us is that we all get headaches after supervision.. because the sup is determined to produce good end products. hahaha. quite excited about SSS – the sup’s great epiphany. (Supervision, sharing and support session)

ha. no competence yet.. so i suppose should at least have good attitude. i’ll keep going!

it’s weekend! i’m home cos not feeling well. need to rest!
gonna meet the trekking peeps on mon!!




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