16 08 2008

Why am I doing what I’m doing?

Where am I heading?

Who am I trying to please?

On a side note, I met a friend today. I was telling her that one of the symptoms of schizophrenia is hearing auditory voices.. she went like “who doesn’t hear voices in their head? we all have voices in our head.” I went like “ya, me too.. I hear voices all the time.”

Another funny comment. Earlier this week, this senior colleague said to me “wa Ai Ling today your hair is more controlled ah?” (my hair was tied up that day).

Feel like getting a pair of rollerblades.. tho I go blading once in a zillion years.. but perhaps if I buy, I’ll go blading more often, and besides, I like ECP.. hmm when it’s quiet la. Hopefully can go there to blade or jog some time soon. Wanna get fitter! Great Eastern 10km Run in Oct and Standard Chartered 21km in Dec! Love jogging.. great alone-time. And there’s a fair bit of greenery and quieter roads along the way. Love it. (?? hmmm maybe should really pick up rollerblading as a sport! Saw some people blading in the city area when i took a walk from bugis to ymca just now. Inspired.)  

What a talk-rubbish post. I like. Don’t take life too seriously!

Show me how to live.




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