Saying goodbye Part II

30 09 2008

It’s funny how different things that happened along the way changed my perspective of my family.

If it had been 2 years ago, I would not say I have the best family anyone can have. I’d have been inclined to say my family is dysfunctional, but somehow we (the children) managed to turn out reasonably well.

But anyhow, grandma’s death did really open up a chance for me to know my family background.. the conditions my dad grew up in, the environment which my mum married into, the kind of person my grandma was. It really helped me to appreciate my family much more.. to focus more on the strengths rather than the deficits. And somehow, it feels somewhat more cohesive. There is a lot to be thankful for. 🙂

Grandma’s death also led me to think about what a good death means, and consequently what a good life means. President of SASW Mr Gilbert Fan said it’s important to have a personal philosophy on death, dying and living. Indeed.




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