To deconstruct it

13 10 2008

As I reflect on the past 3 months at my first proper job.. I thought about the people who made a difference.. one particular HO left a deep and positive impression on me. So I started to analyze why.

He was the HO in charge of 3 of the cases that I felt were challenging. At that point, I was barely weeks into work. Let’s break it down further. In 2 of them, I screwed things up pretty badly. So bad that my sup had to come in to do damage control at different points and I thought I would cause the HO to be in trouble and get scolded by patient/family. However, being a doctor, he obviously got a better deal. I was the one being scolded by patients’ family members instead. *Ha, but I’m not saying I got scolded because I am an MSW, I really could have handled those situations differently. But all else being equal, I tend to think people treat doctors better*

Anyway, in all 3 cases, he was super nice. In one of them, he called the patient ‘auntie’ which I thought is really cute and funny. Oh well, it’s better than referring to patient as “your mother”. In another, he was trying to defend the PT and OT’s assessment and trying to educate patient’s family that they are objective and accurate in their assessment. In the 3rd case, he gave patient’s family a deadline for their search for a nursing home. I told him family’s not gonna be able to meet his deadline. He went “aiya, never mind la” in the most easy-going and accepting tone.

This guy is obviously a smarty but yet incredibly down-to earth.

How can you not love such a doctor? :))) But there was a rotation before I could say ‘thank you’.




One response

14 10 2008

yah, how can u not!

reconstruct reconstruct reconstruct. LALALA

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