:) humble beginnings

16 10 2008

It was pretty bad the past few weeks.. I suppose things are beginning to pick up.

It’s been difficult.. but let’s count the little victories along the way.

#1. This very educated 60-year-old asked me “how long have you been in this job?”. *oh no, am I gonna be scolded or slighted for my lack of experience?* I said “not too long”. He said “oh you’ve got a pretty good attitude, you’re very earnest.” Smile and joy +++.

#2. I walked into this ward and one of the nurses went “Ai Liinnng! I miss you!” It’s nice to be able to hold a person-to-person conversation with colleagues.. to know them at a slightly more personal level. It means more to me because I’m inclined to think it may be a bit harder to be friends across different disciplines and also because I take some time to warm up to people. But really, I think it’s great to be able to connect not just as colleagues.

#3. This patient’s daughter had been trying to contact me to tell me her mother had passed away. Finally met her coincidentally at the hospital. It warms my heart to know I’m one of those whom she wants to inform.

I suppose it’s true that the hospital can be a harsh environment to work in, but it can also be a place full of human goodness and warmth. Superbly thankful for wonderful colleagues and encouraging encounters along the way.. and I know it’s really by the grace of God.

On another note, I’m inspired once again after browsing through one of my favourite lecturer’s site.. makes me want to keep going after my dreams.. master’s.. research consultancy.. clinical practice.. woohoo. Who says it cannot be done? Who says I must remain where I am! Thinking about the possibilities ahead excites me!

*2 challenging cases tmr.. fingers crossed*




One response

19 10 2008

well done! 🙂
saw u in church today, but you were some distance and seemed to be in a rush.

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