Some thoughts

9 11 2008

Overall, it was a good week. Work remains pretty ok, with several rough patches, but I’m determined not to be so easily defeated. This job has brought me face-to-face with many of my flaws, trust me.

Morning prayer was fantastic.. not the waking up part though.. but the presence of God is so fantastic every morning. It feels good to know in my heart that God is bigger than the problems I face. God is just so good.

Even though I still feel uprooted.. and I figured that 2008 has been a year of many transitions.. God has been there. It feels good to be in a cell group that shares very honestly. Pretty international group as well. So it’s pretty fun.

Had a very fruitful weekend.. ran 12km, went to the National Museum.. the Doubleness photography exhibition is fantastic, thought-provoking.

Really wanna dabble in some business or something creative. So am thinking and looking out for great ideas.. something that combines design, photography, colours and $$$. It’s time to really plot and write down the plans for the next year and begin to exercise some creative courage!! 🙂

You know I’m a work-in-progress. Help me to keep going.. refine me even as I go through challenging times.. help me to come out stronger and better, even more joyful and trusting of Your faithfulness in my life. Help me to come out stronger even as I come face-to-face with my flaws and weaknesses. Thank you that it’s not to shake me or to tear me down.. but to build me up! You are indeed the anchor for my soul.

Oh! I’m also on a “For Beautiful Quads” campaign. Basically, it’s just how I motivate myself to train for the Stan Chart 21km run in Dec. Ha, I’m just there to finish the distance (cos i’m not so superbly fit!).. so yea, for beautiful quads, I’d do it.




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