in flux.

18 11 2008

especially these couple of months, i’ve been feeling like.. i’m in flux.. this sense that things are changing and things are fluid.. and as a result, i feel like i’ve been adapting to each new challenge, each new person, each new situation.. this sense that i’m changing and discovering new things about myself constantly.

it kind of feels good and not-so-good at the same time. good cos I’m always discovering new things about myself.. be it strengths or weaknesses. not-so-good cos i feel like there’s no fixed identity. (but actually not really, if you know me enough, you’d know that i’m still pretty much the same.. still as straightforward as ever, for example!)

every month, i work with a new group of doctors. every day, i meet new patients. every day, i hear different stories about each patient’s life and family background. there’s this sense of daily transition, but thankfully with a fixed destination in mind.

wanna do business, wanna do something artful, wanna do something creative.




One response

21 11 2008

hi my friend… what ambiguous times ure recording! 🙂 wat in your opinion is artful?

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