to my stranger-friend

24 11 2008

i have known you to be a very meek and humble person. and i always loved and enjoyed your presence. to me, you’re someone who has a strong spirit.. and yet, you don’t come down hard on people. this is what i appreciate most about you. but then, over time, i realised that i never really knew you.

at first, i thought we are friends.. but over time, i realised that what i know about you is from the impression i have formed about you. so yea, that’s not you, in all its entirety. as time went by, it became much clearer that we are more like strangers than friends. the smiles of acknowledgment have become awkward. it’s easier to pass each other by than to smile and say ‘hi’. and yea, we move in totally different circles.

i think it’s certainly time to accept the fact that we are more like strangers than friends.. and maybe only then can i begin to embrace you as a friend – without expectations that there should be a sense of familiarity – the next time i see you. because, we are afterall, more like strangers.

i don’t think you’d actually read this, but yea, this post is significant for my emotional well-being.. it’s time i move on to new things, and new experiences. if i ever get to know you one day, i’d certainly be glad and thankful for it, but if i don’t, i want to be able to say i have truly moved on in my heart. even though i know that whenever i happen to think of you, i’d always pray for you.

and yes, to my stranger-friend, thank you – i appreciate the encouraging words you have ever said to me. indeed, greater things are yet to come. i’ll move on.




8 responses

25 11 2008
huiyi the great

u talking about me? *blinkblinks

25 11 2008
huiyi the great

okay e more i think abt it e more i think it’s not funny.
hugs u.

26 11 2008

ms chiam, ur definitely not talking about me right?? 😮 *cross fingers*

26 11 2008

dear huiyi,
thank you for your love and sweet sms! so touched.

dear ms yating,
did you actually think i was referring to you? this person would not be likely to read my blog. certainly not you, of course. 🙂

26 11 2008

hope u’re doing gd! :))

28 11 2008

Yea I feel the same to certain ‘friendly strangers’ in my life. Its good to be aware of their presence. To accept them as they are and move on.

You will attract people who are great & special like you….haha
(I’m a good example 😉
All of these will happen as soon as you let go of those that don’t really fit you anymore….

You are right, you are indeed blessed…blessed with divine insight 😀


28 11 2008

of cos I know its not me, or esle I wont write la.. 😉

13 12 2008

i know i know i know who! 😉

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