some thoughts..

1 12 2008

Spent a very fruitful Sat.. Had lunch with Mei mei (my foster mother at work!) and Sthenos.

We talked about the future.. doing Master’s etc. My foster mother also taught at Monash.. how cool is that.

It made me all the more determined to plot out a path and work towards a Masters.. Be it in the States at University of Washington in Seattle or nearer home in Hong Kong University or Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

It made me more determined to continue reading up on relevant stuff.. Don’t want to be a social worker who’s too myopic. Social work should comprise a range of activities from microsystem work with individuals to engaging the larger society as well as getting a grip on research. What a tall order. But I’m sure it’s not impossible. I need to be more patient with myself as I learn the very basic stuff.

Shall also really ask around and find out about Master’s program overseas.. it’ll happen!

Attending the Me and My Family forum organized by Oogachaga also fuelled my desire to work with some specific groups of people.. so shall sign up and start volunteering.. hope to get something started!

What are your dreams and visions? Don’t lose sight of them!




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