20 12 2008

I am crazy. I am thinking about 2009. This is me being very future-oriented, as always.

Upcoming highlights:

– HK – hahah. that’ll be at the end of the year, hopefully with Liwen. We wanna check out HKU and find our ism sup!!

–  The Philippines/ Cambodia. Maybe in June.. with the favouritest friends.

– Trekking.. – Some time in June or May as well.

– Diving? Ok see if got money. Since Philippines/Cambodia may not actually materialize.

– my sec school good friend is gonna get married!!




3 responses

21 12 2008

hey woman!! i’m happy bcos u updated ur blog!!w so many posts at one go smemore! teehees

yays trekking in june sounds like yums.let’s have it in june!:D

heh n i like ur post about ur dad. really does make him sound like a heroooo!=)=) n i do see him in u! teehees.u’re qt hospitable n easygoing actually! joyce says ure funny to hang out with!:)

n….2. date a doctor (HAHAHA, considering my general attitude towards them) <– this is hilarious. muahaha

24 12 2008

aiyoh why you always so progressive one. live in the moment!

25 12 2008

Huiyi! Don’t patronize me anymore :))))

Hey Jane! You actually read my blog! see you for blading :))

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