27 12 2008

As 2008 comes to an end… nearly, I can’t help but think about whether the goals I set in the beginning of the year have been realized. I’m quite pleasantly surprised and delighted that it mostly worked out quite well, even though it has been a year of non-stop transitions.

Here are some.

1. Family/friends: Be more patient with dad and bros. Be there!

I’m quite thankful that I had been there during the significant moments.. with my dad and bros. as well as with my late grandma and the extended family. Esp with my grandma.. the mended relationship is something I’ll cherish and carry with me.

2. Health: 21km by Dec.

I did it!!!

3. Education/ Professional: good supervisor, good colleagues, good pay.

I always tell my friends that the supervisor I have is my prayer answer.

And, I didn’t just get good colleagues, I’ve got the bestest buddies.. I’m constantly amazed how we rally around one another. We help one another spy on other people, we try to help one another find life partners, we role play and simulate phone conversations to improve our skills.. *hello this is XX here, pls come and review pt!* we spend time listening to one another’s troubles and woes. we celebrate one another’s strengths. we share tim tams!!!

4. Grow 2 pots of roses by June ’08.

I didn’t grow 2 pots, but I kept the existing one from the favouritest friends alive.

Yay, goal-setting does work for me somewhat. :))) I believe 2009’s gonna be a greater year yet!




4 responses

27 12 2008

yays! cheers to accomplished goals!:D wheeeeeeeeeeeeees

27 12 2008

you spyster!!! i just posted it up and you commented!!

27 12 2008

you spyster!!! i just posted it up and you commented!!

30 12 2008

lol, at least you got someone stalking ur blog. lol. im kinda jealous. and jy ah, im sure 2009 will be great! =)

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