Resolutions for 2009

10 01 2009

1. Be fitter.

The For Beautiful Quads campaign continues.

Continue the habit of jogging. Keep blading.

2. Be more theoretically-guided, smarter and wiser.

Read more on work-related stuff and make it a point to be more reflective, reflexive and critical. READ and APPLY theories. I want to be constantly learning.

Read about successful people.. Richard Branson, Obama, Lewis Hamilton.

3. Be braver.

Learn new things, meet and talk to new people, rise above my usual risk-taking capacity. — that includes learning diving, engaging in research work, possibly volunteering in something meaningful, not sure what yet.

4. Be friendlier and warmer.

This includes smiling more, looking less kiam pah and aloof. This includes being nice to my family and friends and showing appreciation for their love.

Actually, to LOVE, LIVE and LAUGH would sum it up very nicely.




One response

15 01 2009

kiam pah… a bit extreme lah. šŸ˜›

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