10 01 2009

I love being an inpatient MSW.

Here are some reasons why I love what I do:

– I have the bestest colleagues! They are so darn fun and helpful.

– I love (ok, I’m learning to) the unpredictability of the nature of my work. No two days are the same. Besides all the admin and what not, it’s fun being an MSW.

– I see the beauty of life in my job. And my patients inspire me big-time. One terminally ill patient told me the day before she died that she’ll have hope till the end.

– I work with a wide variety of people.. the different personalities.. the sweet, angelic nurse.. the loud types, the gung-ho PTs and OTs, the righteous, let-me-save-the-world type of doctors, the friendly, joker ones.. to the i-dont-even-want-to-look-at-you type of doctors. Beneath my sometimes aloof  disposition, they really tickle me no end.

It’s funny how I’m a social worker who’s not very social by nature. God has a huge sense of humor 🙂




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