28 01 2009

I’m so so so touched by the gestures of goodwill and helpfulness that people have shown toward me.

I’ve been having a very hard time trying to figure out the intricacies of how  to realize the various long-term goals I’ve set for myself. and I’ve been talking with various people and asking for their advice.. and they have ALL so kindly taken the time to help me think more concretely about those plans.. I mean, they could really have ignored me or just answered me very superficially, since I’m not an important/outstanding figure, really.

BUT they did not. They are taking the time to type long, lengthy emails and even open to meet-ups and phone calls.

At this moment, I just know that though it seems like those grandiose goals seem unattainable and faraway, God is certainly interested in my life and He’s certainly been looking out and listening in on my dreams.

I feel so humbled. And I want these people to see returns on their investment of time and help  in my life.

Who am I that You would know me from the start?




3 responses

14 02 2009
David Santos

Happy Valentine`s Day.

21 02 2009

boo! just wanna disturb you 🙂

21 02 2009

woman update leh

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