whatever that helps, whatever that works

25 02 2009

– me time. love the adidas ads. me, myself.

— jogging in the cool, night breeze. listening to sounds of the traffic, taking in the bright lights, feeling the ache in my quads.

— blading at night. be it alone or with friends (like julz who cycles extra slowly to accommodate my snail’s pace). the whole feeling of being on wheels.  the ease. the sea breeze. the boisterous kids who sometimes become road blocks. the display of sexy quads.

— sleeping early and starting the day early. the fresh morning air. the quietness in the hospital lobby.

—  being aware and being accepting of my own feelings and reactions to my patients. it creates room to grow and learn. it creates a comfortable pace to move along. without feeling too pressurized to be such and such a type of worker.

— realizing that some things just take time. just follow the rhythm. and over time, things unfold beautifully. don’t have to sweat or lose too much sleep over them.

— keeping time for myself. to ponder, to rest and to be alone.




One response

27 02 2009

I like that… 🙂

Letting all the possibilities unfold by themselves.

Paths will open out to you, once you have taken the first steps towards the direction of ur life’s purpose.

I dont cycle at snail speed….i practice my micro steering 😛
I love your support for me…especially towards my dreams.
Thx woman

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