Forgotten desires.

8 03 2009

As I worked with the patient and the doctor last week, I somehow felt a deja vu feeling that I could not label except to say that the whole experience felt ‘profound’ and ‘very good’.

It certainly reminds me of my own loss, but it reminded me of something else powerful that I somehow forgot along the way in uni and when I started work.

I realised I invariably described it as ‘very good’ despite the ambiguity, the uncertainty and feelings of inadequacies I had, because I have always been keen on death and dying issues.

I now remember I used to tell myself that in future when I have the chance to teach social work, I want to teach a module on death and dying.

It feels good to remember forgotten desires. I feel the click, and I feel alive again.




One response

20 03 2009

hey ling… just wanna say hi, miss you and lots of hugs!

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