taking it contextually…

10 04 2009

after 9 months of working in the hospital, i’ve heard about how doctors from different  medical specialties are being stereotyped.

i was talking to this doctor from this certain discipline that’s known to be cold, nasty etc. yesterday was the second time i spoke with him. the first time was unforgettably irritating. he did not seem to care to listen and was rude. the second time was, however, surprisingly pleasant.

he shared with me what had transpired between him and the family, asked for my opinion and ventilated a little about his frustration. i was taken aback by his politeness and ?openness because i had braced myself for a rude and curt response from him.

i guess, everyone has a pleasant side to them. i guess it’d help me in future to see these stereotyped doctors first as human beings with their own set of challenges and frustrations.




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