morphing into?

30 04 2009

i realised that the outer areas of hospitals are designed to be serene and calm. the nicely landscaped gardens, the water features, the woody benches. it’s a calm exterior that belies the frenzy which goes on inside.

these days, much of my energy is expended toward keeping things calm. blading, jogging, swimming, tending to the roses and orchids, reading a book, watching discovery travel and living. having dinner with familiar people like my family and some friends.

i avoid things/people that demand too much out of me emotionally. i was pondering for some time – i think i’ve almost always been like this. just that it’s become more pronounced and obvious to myself these days.




2 responses

1 05 2009

Actually I’m like you too. I avoid people and sometimes things, that require me to invest alot of emotions and time to deal with their emotions. It’s kinda getting to me because I feel like I’m turning into a love-less person. Sigh.

5 05 2009

hey ling. jus to defend the hospital a little – i think they are designed to be serene n calm so that those patients rehabilitating can recover. i was jus watching the fishes the other day during my check up and it works wonders.. i was thinking to myself “no wonder old people like fishes..” i think i’m getting old too.
and hey! u’re not alone, i’m like that too (n since stella’s like that too, i guess people r all the same), though u might not think likewise. i’m someone who very much be by myself like during blading too unless certain people ask me out. tat being said, i like everything u’re doing! n more imptly, i like u! so on days u dun mind having me for company, call me along k! as a teacher to be, i must read more so that i can inspire my future students! 🙂

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