simple is good.

14 05 2009

increasingly, i think life should be kept simple. love God, love life,  love people, be happy.

i think loving God should be simple. it should never be about a set of rules, a set of numbers, or a list of do’s and don’ts. it is simply about having Him on your mind in all the things you do. and to do things in an attitude of worship toward Him. i don’t want to love an institutionalized God. life is too difficult and narrow that way.

i’m happy to say that i’m happy. i have a family that loves, i have a job i am passionate and excited about, i have the bestest friends who cry and laugh with me.

i learnt that i can be happy if i learn to let go.. and not sweat too much over things i cannot change. it is not resignation. it is picking the right battles to fight. (hahah, do i sound wise?) someone commented that i don’t have enough life experience. it’s all relative, isn’t it?

so yes, a slight a day makes ai ling a stronger person! (i was counting for a season.. and realised that every day, someone would make a remark about how i am too young.. how someone else seems to know more.. how someone else is more in the loop than i am)

heck it! throw out whatever’s not helpful and build on whatever that inspires you!




2 responses

15 05 2009

hey! that’s really quite a mature and wise way of looking at life, i must say ! =)

15 05 2009

HAHAHA. Did I surprise you?
Considering the context of our very recent conversation – you can tell i must have been affected by that one comment by someone for a while!

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