Good grief!

31 05 2009

I have been thinking a lot about my own grief and bereavement experience. It’s actually always on my mind.. I quote William Faulkner in saying “The past is never dead. It’s not even past”.

My personal perspective of loss is that you don’t quite recover from it – you make adjustments to it and every day is about making it a point to take a  step forward. The good thing is that it hurts less and less, the bad thing is when memories become less vivid. Like when I can’t remember what her voice was like or when I can’t picture her face in my mind. So yes, the memories are the most precious, because that is about the only link between then and now.

Was sharing with the Best Friend (ha! you’ve a title!) why I want to do palliative care work.. I think I said something quite smart (HAHAHA). My personal opinion is that how someone close to you dies, has an impact on how you  move on (or don’t move on) with the next chapter of your life.

So yes I think this is where palliative care plugs the gap by looking into the psychosocial needs and issues of both the dying person and his loved ones. 🙂




One response

9 06 2009

yes lah yes lah u alw say smart things anyway. HAHAHA.

jiayou okay best friend! now, u don’t even need to wait till next mon to know the good news aye! 😀
start looking into the psychosocial needs and issues of both the dying and his loved ones! LIKE NOW!:D

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