walk or fall or run past it.

8 08 2009

i belong to the category that would walk into it or run past it. i don’t have the capacity to fall into that big, black hole. been having conversations about the big, black hole with best friend and jas.. both of them whom i’ve known in different stages of my life conclude that i am just too cautious and unapproachable or ‘not open’. the best friend even asked if it is important to me. i don’t know.

went wedding gown fitting with Jas.. it was great meeting up with her. our friendship is so organic. it does not rely on constant, regular meet-ups to thrive. we merely picked up where we left off. and it was great.

it was also refreshing to meet her designer. damn cool guy. patient, skilful and passionate about his craft.

am likely to go bangkok with the favouritest in Sept!




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