survival of the fittest? and other random thoughts

9 08 2009

– a thought just struck my mind the other day. it’s often not the most intelligent who shine the brightest. it’s often someone adaptable and who knows when to bend, when to fight and when to back off.

– read a friend’s blog.. he blogged about self-care. something which i’ve been thinking about recently. real self-care is not just about getting physically well-rested. it’s about being able to find meaning from whatever circumstance you are in, it’s about being comfortable with yourself. it’s about being accepting of yourself wherever you are at.

– best friend said “people who know you really know you, people who don’t know you, they just don’t”. it sounded at once ‘alright, tell me something new’, but it really is very true. i am very aware that there are people around me who find it very difficult to understand or read me. then i asked myself if i should explain myself more. i often don’t because i really cannot be bothered to, i just find it too tiring. but there are others whom i take time to.. cos they are the ones whom i think can understand and get it. which leads me to realise that i do tend to make firm preconceived judgments of who i think can understand. not always a good thing.

– i also learnt as a social worker this week that while it is our call to promote social justice, there is such a thing as the appropriate time to intervene. doing the right thing at the wrong time is not helpful.

– someone asked about my work and if i still hear sob stories everyday and if i am immune to the pain and suffering that i witness on an almost daily basis. i was irritated with that question. there seems to be the underlying assumption that if you don’t hear about sob stories, then they must definitely have ceased to exist. that’s the thing, just because you don’t hear about things, it does not mean they don’t exist. and it does not mean that things are necessarily alright. but having said that i was irritated also because i know that if i say i hear many sob stories everyday, i’d get the same, typical response.. “oh dear, so poor thing, maybe you can quit after a few years”. thanks, i really need to hear this on a weekend. this is one instance in which i gave mono-syllabic replies. perhaps, i should do some psychoeducation the next time round.

– and lastly, i really enjoyed this year’s National Day parade celebrations. Think Ivan Heng did a wonderful job. the themes and various chapters were well-linked and meaningful. My wish for Singapore is.. really for our society to become more accepting of diversity.

going blading at ecp tmr!!! 🙂




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