just one encounter

19 08 2009

I’ve been feeling tired lately due to a combination of reasons.

I guess from time to time, we need to rest, we need to reflect to make sense of what’s going on. So for me, I needed to make sense of why i am doing what i am doing, what it means for me, where i am heading, what my goal is. And hopefully, as I reflect, I’ll encounter that one moment of revelation/refreshing/inspiration/encounter to keep me going.

Today I encountered that moment in a training session conducted by Mr Gilbert Fan for junior social workers. I was so inspired. Have not felt this inspired since my uni days. He is so sharp, so competent and so willing to share. He encouraged us not to belittle ourselves, our skills.. because ultimately it is the relationship and the use of self that matters most. People don’t come back to us because of our skills, but because of the relationship we have built with them.

I was reminded to attend to the person with problems, not the problems. I am determined to keep going.. to keep learning, to upgrade. Because I see from him that it is possible to build competence to make a difference in the lives of the people we meet.

Ah, sometimes, one inspiring encounter is all that is needed.




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