3 happy and heart-warming encounters

22 08 2009

Had a very stressful and hectic week at work.

But 3  groups of people made me feel like life is not that bad afterall.

1. the favouritest. they waited for me till 9pm to have dinner together on one of the weekdays. absolutely no grumbles/simmering frustration whatsoever when i finally met them. how sweet. and how fortunate i am to know them! and i realised to my surprise that they do know me pretty well although i never quite thought so. they predict quite accurately how i’d react to certain situations.

2. my bestest colleagues and friends at work. don’t how i could have survived the week without their support.

3. the rollerblading community of sorts at ecp. started hanging out a little some weeks ago at one of the shops there. very friendly, and i must admit, on first impression beng-ish people. it must have been the sincere and inclusive vibe that touched me the most.

it’s the simple things that make life happy.




One response

22 08 2009

The simple – and small – things tend to have the most lasting effects…. 🙂

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