great to feel refreshed!

21 09 2009

i had a great weekend of having lunch with my bro, meeting up with the smart4some girls and the favouritest, taking a walk in bukit timah with neo and planning for taiwan.

oh i also planted some seeds for a new plant. ha, it takes quite a bit of faith to plant new seeds. after i covered the seeds with a layer of soil, i kept digging back to make sure they are ‘ok’. i think i was afraid they might disappear or disintegrate into the soil? anyhow, it somehow represents hope of a new beginning.

Feeling happy that i had a fulfilling weekend.

Some goals for this week: Balance is the word!

1. complete some backlog, set up an interview.

2. go blade on sat.

3. run twice this week.

i hope not to let the amount of work to be done overwhelm me!




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