because i am afraid.

14 11 2009

At work, I work hard to create oppportunities that do not exist. I ask and talk and ask and talk and find out and research and strategize – just to get closer to whatever goals that I set for myself.

In my personal life, I can sit on an idea for years and years and not do anything about it. I can wonder and question and mull over the same question and be afraid to find out the answer. All because I am afraid of finding an answer that may disppoint me.

Something must be done about it.




2 responses

14 11 2009

Yup, life is too short. carpe diem! have u watched the kiwi bird video before? if not here it is!

Very inspiring 🙂

20 11 2009
Enemy Common Blogs — Blog — Because I Am Afraid. « Ling

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