Dear Mummy

23 01 2010

Dear Mummy,

i miss you. your assuring presence . your smile. your touch.

big bro misses your wise advice (things would really be much easier if you were around).

second bro misses the food you cooked (he misses the grilled pork, heh bee hiam, chilli crabs.. i miss the fried rice! even the maggie noodles you cook tasted magically divine).

it’s funny how second bro thinks i am alike to you. our likes and dislikes are clear and can be easily detected by people around us.

do you know that i feel afraid when the memories become hazy. i am afraid to forget you.

wish you were around.. but i take comfort in the fact that at least i had a fantastic 13.5 years with you and that you will continue to live in my heart. no one can ever take that place.




2 responses

24 01 2010

that made me cry a little… hugs Ling!
I can’t wait to see you! I hate thesising!

31 01 2010

why does wordpress need my email when you know it already! anyways, too long we need to meet up. sorry, been meaning to call but work really leaves us little time for ourselves, family and friends. cny!

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