what walking the talk now means.

21 03 2010

It means:

– doing research work, specifically data analysis, on weekends.

– reading up on advance care planning in my free time.

– reading up on HIV/AIDS in my free time.

– stepping out of my comfort zone to initiate things at work.

– running twice a week. must stay sane and healthy.

– being home early on at least one weekday.

– learning the basics.. which is more difficult due to the  steep learning curve which is expected in the initial stages.

– being able to speak up, intelligently, coherently and cogently when the need arises.

That does not include meeting up with friends and other personal commitments..etc.

I was inspired and motivated again to be serious in conscientiously working toward my goal.. goal of doing master’s.. after Social Workers’ Day. After hearing from my favourite professor again after 2 years, I sure feel energized!

I feel the need to brush up on my skills and knowledge, the need to do research, the need to read and be disciplined about it. Five years down the road, I don’t want to be a social worker with just practice wisdom and nothing more. I want to know what works, what doesn’t – based on research. I want to know how exactly what I’m doing is making/not making a difference. To me, that is being accountable to my patients and to my employer.

It all feels so daunting. I feel like I’m scaring myself with these goals. But then, when I look around me, I know they’re not impossible to achieve. 2 MSWs have gone to Oxford Uni to study Evidence-Based Practice.. another is going to the States to get her PhD. 1 whom I know personally is still actively doing public education, research etc all at the same time.

I just need to break those goals down into smaller, do-able steps/tasks. And I need to surround myself with brave, passionate people who will correct me and inspire me along the way.

Anyway, I was a brave girl this week. Attended a course on breaking bad news, I volunteered to role-play.. any social worker would know stepping out to role-play the role of a social worker is a challenging thing to do because it exposes your quality of work to the people observing you. I am glad I stepped out. I told myself that I won’t have the right to encourage my future supervisees to be bold if I don’t challenge myself to step out now. 🙂 That’s such a milestone for me because I feel like I’ve stayed far too long in my comfort zone. I feel like I’m getting ready to keep stepping out again!

Walk the talk, Chiam, walk the talk. I hope that this passion will only keep burning stronger with each new experience.




One response

22 03 2010

Hey…awesome life! =) I believe you will achieve your goals. Dream big!

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