This Easter

2 04 2010

This Easter, I feel strangely grateful to God about the life I’m living. The life I’ve been given. Not that I wasn’t grateful to God in previous Easters. But perhaps, this time round, in a more personal and non-religious manner. This must be the biggest irony of it all given that I stopped attending church last May. I feel like I’m given the chance to be real as a person and learning to appreciate life more.

The past few months have been challenging. But I am reminded that I am living my dream.. I’ve got a decent family, a great bunch of friends and a wonderful job that I am passionate about. And I know that God is in all of it and He is still watching over me. I continue to want to live a life that counts, a life that can make someone else’s life a little easier to live.

I feel like I’m on the cusp of something wonderful… 🙂




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