happy things

2 04 2010

– knowing I’m remembered from a faraway.

– being in the know about your life.

– planning for the next trip in my mind. (Yay, I get to go to Batam in May and Bangkok in Sept for work/play!)Ā  and I will be diving in Aug and then Cambodia in Dec.

– connecting with unusual, unlikely people.

some of the best things in life must be felt with the heart šŸ™‚


me and my intuition

12 02 2010

it’s so difficult for me to go with my intuition.

the logical mind gathers large chunks of data, pulls them all out thread by thread, lay them out,Ā  subjects them to multiple analyzes by various trustworthy persons and try to validate the data.

i’ve had enough. i don’t care (i mean, of course i do). i just want to know. if it’s no-good news, i’ll just cry and sob for 3days3nights and get over it. if it’s good, then it’s great right?

it’s so un-me (in stella’s words, “unchiam”) to be sitting around, waiting for the answer.

the best friend would know that i will NEVER allow myself to adopt this attitude at work!

so there. i care but i dont care. i just want to know.


22 11 2009

just met up with a friend. we were talking about relationships.

he said i am not the typical type of girl. for him, it’s just an intuitive feeling about me.

ha, i don’t know what’s so atypical about me. but it somehow sure sounds nice.


the overwhelming need to know

16 11 2009

i.. want to… know.

i think?

yea, life is too short.

but what if.


No time for what ifs!

because i am afraid.

14 11 2009

At work, I work hard to create oppportunities that do not exist. I ask and talk and ask and talk and find out and research and strategizeĀ – just to get closer to whatever goals that I set for myself.

In my personal life, I can sit on an idea for years and years and not do anything about it. I can wonder and question and mull over the same question and be afraid to find out the answer. All because I am afraid of finding an answer that may disppoint me.

Something must be done about it.

one great source of joy

4 11 2009

these days i derive great joy from planning and thinking ahead about holiday plans.

so yes, i’ll be going to taiwan in december.

northeastern india likely in late jan/early feb 2010. it’s gonna be winter there.

thinking of making a trip to either the philippines or lombok in july or august, with a friend. or actually wondering if my dad is keen on china.

then a trip with the favouritest some time next year as well.

also feel like travelling somewhere alone.. but not any time soon.

figured it’s good to take a break every few months, whether i travel out or not. it’s just necessary.


4 11 2009


sunshine, greenery and good company

Was out at MacRitchie with Neo. It was good fun. We walked for 2.5hrs. Longer than our usual and we just couldn’t wait for food.